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DeepaMehta 4 Plugins (Java, Javascript, HTML)

I am currently the mantainer of twenty seven dm4-plugins. Most of them are open source and documented here.
All currently stable plugins (for DeepaMehta 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7) can be downloaded from the Downloads Server.

Kiezatlas 2 (Java, HTML, JavaScript)

Kiezatlas 2 Website
Kiezatlas 2 REST API

Info Touch Layer (Flash, Action Script 3)

Interactive Demo

Kiezatlas Wordpress Plugin (PHP, Javascript, HTML)

To be documented.
Source code here.

Die LOR-Seiten (PHP, Javascript, HTML, OpenLayers)

To be documented. Code live here
Source code here.

Audio Canvas Desktop Player (JavaFX Script 1.2, Java, GStreamer)

To be documented. You can find some basic infos here.

Soundposter (Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript)

See soundposter.com.

Notizen Web-Anwendung (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

Notizen Doku
eduZEN Installation, TU Berlin

Firefox Add-on: Annotating Bookmarks (XUL, XML, Javascript)

Source Code

Trailblazing Web Browser (Java, Swing)

Archived. To be documented.

iTV Prototype (Lua, JavaScript, XML)

Hyperlinks for videos.

Yourswing: Youtube Video Vector Graphics Annotator (Action Script 3)

Archived. To be documented.